Before Homestead was the home to OHSU and Portland Veterans Affair Medical Center, it was 298 acres of private property purchased in 1857 by Phillip Marquam, Due to the hilly nature of the area lots 400 sq ft blocks divided into 4 separate home properties that were mostly undeveloped. The neighborhood became more accessible in 1911 when an old railroad line turned into Terwilliger parkway, as a recreational drive street with scenic view of Portland, that was a gift from the Terwilliger family,with conditions it never be used for commercial traffic or development. Today it is one of the largest amount of green space in Southwest  Portland, called Marquam Nature Parks. In 1917 116 and 88 acres were donated for medical services over the next 90 years this land was used for various medical departments/schools and in 1981 it became Oregon Health Sciences University.

Residents will find in Homestead, condos, townhomes, old PDX, Victorian and cape codes and easy access to Downtown Portland and use of tram for easy access to South Waterfront neighborhood.


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