Johns Landing

Johns landing is one of those unique areas of Portland, that has never been “a true neighborhood” but if you talk about John Landing most people tell you its the neighborhood next door to south waterfront  with macadam running through it. You can call it the nickname of Lair Hill/Corbett/Terwilliger neighborhoods. The name comes from the past history of the bustling industries that existed in south Portland, as early as 1870’s. Most of the area was platted in 1880’s for industry and residential blocks for dock/industry workers. One of the largest manufacture companies in the community was the B.P. John Furniture company when the plant moved to California and closed the  manufacturing plant in 1970’s an opportunity was seen by architects Johns Storrs and John Gray who transformed the B.P. John Furniture company property into riverfront condos, commercial developments, including the popular Johns Landing water tower building.

Today is it is know for its great mix commercial space; historic architecture, charming character and the large waterfront Willamette Park. Property styles is a mix bag of historic, mid century and condos.


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